Final Project-

November 11, 2009

For my final project I plan on doing a second stop motion “claymation” in hopes of further exploring the animation style. I’m interested in capturing the nuances of human interaction that truly make situations real and un-glorified. With this said I feel I might move towards recreating “awkwardness” and a situation which has many silent pauses as the dialogue unfolds.
My preliminary situation/dialogue to take place is an attempted discussion between a father and his son (or possibly mother and son) about sex: a.k.a the first “sex talk.” For this it would be a simple scene, 20-30 seconds long of a father or mother walking into their sons room, sitting down and attempting to bring up the necessary discussion. For the animation I hope to capture the facial expressions of the characters and match as well as possible their mouth movements to the dialogue. As of now I’m thinking that the situation might be more interesting and humorous if the interaction is actually between two animals personified as humans. This might help show the ridiculousness of how children and adults stress over having to discuss sex.

Here is a loose store board of images (the script of the dialogue will be written in a day or so):



Stop-Motion Animation

November 9, 2009

Obviously this stop motion is a “clay-mation” animation. This 52-second animation took me uncountable hours but was at least fairly enjoyable. To make this animation I started by first sketching up a storyboard, followed by creating a dialogue. I tried reading through the dialogue myself first but the voice acting was terrible flat and unbelievable. Therefore I asked my floor mate, a theater major, to read through the lines for me while I recorded the audio and filmed his facial expressions. After buying clay and modeling my character I was then able to use both the audio and video from the actor Dylan Wallach. I edited the video, and then opened it in quicktime. Using QuickTime I tabbed through the video frame by frame, and almost in rotoscoping fashion I attempted to recreate the frames of my Dylan including his mouth movements, his eye brows and his blinks. Overall I’m satisfied with the project but I think for my final project I want to try another claymation in hopes of further capturing the human interaction.

In Class Stop-Motion

November 9, 2009

Stop Motion Animation

October 28, 2009

Of the stop motion of scene I’m excited for the new Wes Anderson movie coming out “Fantastic Mr.Fox.” Unlike his other (cult followed) live action films he has switched to stop motion to recreate Roald Dahl’s story. The animation style and emotion captured is incredible, and as the one review writes “Proof that Pixar doesn’t have a monopoly on heartfelt and funny animation.”

Flash Animation

October 26, 2009


Flash was the first program in this class that I had literally never touched until now. I spent a few extra hours watching and reading tutorials on flash to learn the different forms of tweening and the other general tools. I realize that I have actually been lucky to learn flash on the new CS4 model as the many new changes, such as the bone tool, came into effect. My project is technically based in tweening and illustrator drawing without onion skinning, I felt that it would have confused the piece to use onion skinning in combination with pure flash animation.

The Fall of Icarus

October 7, 2009

For this piece I was inspired by generally the mythological story of Icarus, but even more so I was inspired by “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by Bruegel as well as the poem “Musée des Beaux Arts” by W. H. Auden. This myth has always been a favorite of mine due to its surrealism and intrigue. I also find the interpretations it invokes exciting especially when you read the interpretations which praise Icarus for flying towards the sun.
Technically with the project I rented out fourteen different audio disks from the library to gather high quality sounds. With respect to the sounds I used the wind and birds from audio disks (two separate tracks), the wings flapping from an online source, the violin is from the CFA, the cymbal crash was added at the end, the bells were from Sufjan Stevens, and the crowd speaking at the end was from YouTube.
In a sense I feel my piece is better understandable with a visual. I was truly trying to illustrate Bruegels painting, systematically going through the events in which Icarus falls. The crowd in the end is used to illustrate the focus of Bruegel’s piece, where even after Icarus falls he is unnoticed and society keeps moving forward.

Dropbox test

October 5, 2009

My Name Backwards

September 30, 2009


September 30, 2009

Brian Eno- The Studio as a Compositional Tool

Eno’s point that the original forms of recording was a “more or less perfect transmitter” is interesting. This idea of minimalism is interesting in music. The concept that music is overproduced in the modern day seems interesting and true.

Russolo- The Art of Noises

I find writings which attempt to predict the future interesting to say the least. The foresight that one can have, so much to guess almost perfectly the revolution of music from a 1913 perspective. As Orwell had done, Russolo’s hypothesis is breathtaking as we can look around and see the truths of his predictions.

G20 Stencil Art

September 23, 2009

lazer cutter stencil

Learning the lazer cutter.

Here is my stencil cut:

Here is the final product: