Stop-Motion Animation

November 9, 2009

Obviously this stop motion is a “clay-mation” animation. This 52-second animation took me uncountable hours but was at least fairly enjoyable. To make this animation I started by first sketching up a storyboard, followed by creating a dialogue. I tried reading through the dialogue myself first but the voice acting was terrible flat and unbelievable. Therefore I asked my floor mate, a theater major, to read through the lines for me while I recorded the audio and filmed his facial expressions. After buying clay and modeling my character I was then able to use both the audio and video from the actor Dylan Wallach. I edited the video, and then opened it in quicktime. Using QuickTime I tabbed through the video frame by frame, and almost in rotoscoping fashion I attempted to recreate the frames of my Dylan including his mouth movements, his eye brows and his blinks. Overall I’m satisfied with the project but I think for my final project I want to try another claymation in hopes of further capturing the human interaction.


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