Final Project-

November 11, 2009

For my final project I plan on doing a second stop motion “claymation” in hopes of further exploring the animation style. I’m interested in capturing the nuances of human interaction that truly make situations real and un-glorified. With this said I feel I might move towards recreating “awkwardness” and a situation which has many silent pauses as the dialogue unfolds.
My preliminary situation/dialogue to take place is an attempted discussion between a father and his son (or possibly mother and son) about sex: a.k.a the first “sex talk.” For this it would be a simple scene, 20-30 seconds long of a father or mother walking into their sons room, sitting down and attempting to bring up the necessary discussion. For the animation I hope to capture the facial expressions of the characters and match as well as possible their mouth movements to the dialogue. As of now I’m thinking that the situation might be more interesting and humorous if the interaction is actually between two animals personified as humans. This might help show the ridiculousness of how children and adults stress over having to discuss sex.

Here is a loose store board of images (the script of the dialogue will be written in a day or so):



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