My Name Backwards

September 30, 2009



September 30, 2009

Brian Eno- The Studio as a Compositional Tool

Eno’s point that the original forms of recording was a “more or less perfect transmitter” is interesting. This idea of minimalism is interesting in music. The concept that music is overproduced in the modern day seems interesting and true.

Russolo- The Art of Noises

I find writings which attempt to predict the future interesting to say the least. The foresight that one can have, so much to guess almost perfectly the revolution of music from a 1913 perspective. As Orwell had done, Russolo’s hypothesis is breathtaking as we can look around and see the truths of his predictions.

G20 Stencil Art

September 23, 2009

lazer cutter stencil

Learning the lazer cutter.

Here is my stencil cut:

Here is the final product:

Logo Mash-up

September 23, 2009

This was simply a “logo mash-up” of two licensed vector images hosted by a russian site. These were the actual vectors used by companies and then edited for my own pleasure. In light of Disney’s new move to buy out Marvel I found this new logo appropriate.

Humane Euthanasia at Home

September 23, 2009


This project was about being able to convey a message properly without words. I realize now that without seeing the title my instruction manuel might seem sadistic, but truth be told this is actually the recognized way to euthanize at home when a veterinarian can’t be reached. The process is painless and the pet feels as though they are just drifting off to sleep. Funny story about why I know all of this is because on easter a year ago our rabbit had a stroke rendering the lower half of its body non-functional. The vet had taken a vacation, therefore we waited 24 hours before doing anything but realized the rabbit was suffering. Overall a great easter!

Potential location for such a diagram:


By posting my diagram here I could help any other misfortunate families that have a small pet die on a holiday. Luckily we had the resources and chemistry knowledge to figure out how the process works, but for other families my diagram simplifies the process of having to humanely take an animals life (which is already in discomfort).


September 9, 2009

EMS1 Dream Parts

I’m happy with how this project turned out in the end, both aesthetically and conceptually. For this project I helped maintain the realism of the image by using the same backdrop and light source for both my self and the G.I.Joe toy. I first sketched out the general composition I wanted to create for the project. I took the images of myself on the backdrop (using a tripod for quality), I then disassembled the toy and placed the pieces in the exact (or as close as possible) positions I modeled. The photoshop work included cloning, burning, dodging, airbrushing, drop shadows, and other tools. Interestingly enough I was able to return the G.I.Joe after the project.

Assignment 20

September 9, 2009

“Photo Tampering Throughout History”

I found the example of Adolf Hitler editing out Joseph Goebbels from the original photograph interesting. I’m not shocked by this photo manipulation after seeing it; it is just now something I think of when history books describe Hitler’s manipulation techniques. I understand that he supposedly was a master of controlling perceptions and what information was allowed to leaked out, but I wouldn’t have thought photo manipulation was necessary for his control. The idea that Hitler would control even the factions of photography is intriguing.

“I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop”

I understood the ease of editing images, but I wasn’t aware of these issues that arise as everyday people and families regularly edit photographs. The one thing that struck me is that history has proven many times that when something once unique becomes commonplace a polarization takes place. At one time all clothes were hand sewn and thus all the same value. Then when the industrial revolution took place it was the machined clothes that became more valuable. But eventually when machined clothes became commonplace, a polarization occurred and hand sewn clothes became the most valuable. With this theory intact, will the unedited photograph eventually become highly valuable?

Jason Salavon: “Little Leaguer”

I find this artwork to be provocative in many senses. Aesthetically the piece is reminiscent of an abstract painting style. The piece conveys powerful elements of movement, time, place, and process. The piece is relatable to most viewers in that they can think back to a time when they held a pose for their sports portrait. In that, the viewer is struck with emotion as memories race back to them. The piece carries a weight of sadness in the lost time and change since childhood. Emotion is also conjured in the realization that most lives are far from unique in the events and memories that take place, some nearly identical to others.